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KK Hydraulics offer a comprehensive range of heavy duty filters for all types of commercial vehicles, construction equipment, boats, trawlers and other applications at our shop in the CWS Complex in Tralee. Our specialist hydraulic filter range includes tank top filters, low, medium and high pressure filters, spin on filters, suction strainers, low pressure return line tank top and in line filters, metal or plastic filter breathers, tank top air breathers, suction filters, reservoir products, such as level indicators, temperature gauges, thermostats and more. The large range of heavy duty engine filters includes oil filters, air filters, air-oil separators, fuel filters, fuel-water separators, coolant filters, transmission filters for off-road equipment, agricultural machinery, buses, trucks and marine vessels. We can also supply portable filtration units (filter caddies) and oil filter crushers.

KK Hydraulics can also supply desiccant breather filters, which protect lubricants and equipment from damage caused by moisture and the ingress of contaminant particles. Breathers are also suitable for use in hydraulic units, where high humidity and temperature fluctuations are present. The normal hazards of condensation such as rapid ageing of hydraulic oil, degradation of additives and corrosion are prevented by the use of these breather filters. In addition, KK Hydraulics can supply various coalescer filters and specialist fuel/water separators, which are used in the diesel fuel line to maintain efficient operation of marine diesel engines.

As well as hydraulic hose and fittings, instrumentation, pumps and industrial valves, the fluid technology services from KK Hydraulics include filtration solutions for compressed air, hydraulics and pneumatics, lubrication, fuel and industrial filtration systems. Our fluid technology specialists have a thorough understanding of the filtration process and can provide solutions to ensure all system fluids including coolant, transmission oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil and fuel are kept within the required cleanliness standards. Efficient filtration means optimum performance, improved reliability and extended service life of machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Heavy Duty FiltersWe have many years experience in filtration and can provide guidance and practical advice on hydraulic, lubrication and coolant filtration techniques that should be applied to fluid power systems in the field. We have the technical resources to provide the correct filtration technologies that meet your specific requirements.

We can supply a wide range of filter manufacturer’s products, specifically distributing the Baldwin and Fleetguard product range. We can replace competitive and (OE) original equipment elements with high quality Baldwin or Fleetguard products. We can cross reference most manufacturer’s filter elements and replace them with high quality replacement elements. We can supply interchange elements for Donaldson, Pall, Hydac, Internormen, Mahle, MP Filtri and more.

To order Baldwin, Fleetguard or other heavy-duty filters, please submit the Inquiry Form or call 066-712-2768 (from outside Ireland dial +353-66-712-2768) for more information.

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