CKS20 Oil Filter Crusher

CKS20 Oil Filter Crusher

CSK20 Oil Filter Crusher (Heavy-Duty)

  • Pneumatic powered
  • Quiet operation
  • Provides consistent crushing force
  • Large used oil capacity drum
  • Steel construction
  • Tough and reliable
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KK Hydraulics CKS20 Heavy Duty Oil Filter Crusher

The KK Hydraulics CKS20 Oil Filter Crusher is part of our range of heavy duty crushing equipment for recycling automotive oil filters, heavy duty and industrial oil filters as well as used oil.

The CKS20 Oil filter Crusher is a durable, reliable heavy-duty machine that will meet your specifications and stand the test of time. The popular CKS20 unit is pneumatically powered, simple to operate and compact with a 20 Ton capacity.

The unit is ideal for crushing heavy duty truck and machinery oil filters. The filter crushing chamber is large enough to accommodate filters up to 400mm (16″) tall and 178mm (7″) in diameter.

The CKS20 is also ideal for crushing one gallon paint cans or multiple car oil filters


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