Strapping Tool (Manual)

Strapping Tool (Manual)


KK Bale Strapping Tool

  • Easy to handle
  • Low weight
  • Simple to use
  • Strap Widths to 19mm
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Strapping Tensioner

High quality manual bale strapping tensioner tool for use with 10mm to 19mm textile strapping.

The PP1019 from Linder is a manual strapping device for strapping packaging tensioned by hand.

Depending on the strap type used, the strapping tool will secure packaging with a seal, metal buckle, or load buckle.

For PP and PET strapping the tensioners and sealers are available as separate devices, or as combined strapping devices where the tensioning and sealing functions are integrated into a single unit.

Hand strapping tools and manual strapping devices are more economical and simpler to use than pneumatic or battery-powered strapping tools.

Linder Manual Clamping Device PP1019

The Linder PP1019 is the top flat strapping tool among manual clamping devices. As a versatile strapping tape tool, it can be flexibly used for different strap widths and strap types up to 19 mm. It is perfect for use with PP, PET and composite strapping.

Reliable manual clamping is ensured by simple and quick usage, providing maximum security.


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