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Vertical Balers are designed for ease of operation and maintenance. They are designed for industrial plants, warehouses, distribution centres, fulfillment centres, retail stores and recycling centres. Vertical balers, sometimes known as downstroke balers, reduce waste and disposal costs by converting bulky waste into dense, shippable commodities that can be sold. Vertical balers offer versatility and ease-of-use in a compact and affordable package. With features like automatic feed gates, mounted power units, interlock systems, chain ejectors, and programmable control systems, vertical balers are long-lasting and have proven to be reliable pieces of equipment.Horizontal balers combine the efficiency of automatic cycling and continuous operation with the capability of operating with mechanical feed equipment to provide for lower cost material processing.
Horizontal Balers. There are various configurations of Horizontal Balers available or that can be customised for specific  applications. Most are designed to work continuously thereby  increasing productivity with efficient operation and low costs. They are capable of handling a wide variety of applications and materials.

  • Closed-Door Balers are suited for applications ranging from a couple of bales per day to several bales per hour and are available with a variety of optional equipment, such as cart dumpers and conveyor feed systems.
  • Horizontal Open-End balers are more powerful and designed for baling a larger volume of recyclables. They can bale a variety of materials including cardboard, paper, PET, aluminium cans, and MSW. Open end balers are extremely efficient with a variety of models available to fit your needs.
  • Multi-Material balers are perfect for producing bales from a variety of materials like aluminIum cans, PET, steel cans, paper, plastics, newsprint and much more. What sets these balers apart is their ability to provide the ideal solution when you need the flexibility to bale a wide variety of materials in a single machine. They offer the convenience of conveyor-feed and auto-cycling in a compact design.

KK hydraulics can send CAD drawings to potential customers on request. These drawings will help provide a greater understanding of what their baler or compactor will be like.
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